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How To Start A Travel Agency from Home

You can learn how to start your own travel agency. It almost sounds too good to be true, that you can own your own company, work from home, and even get offered free or significantly reduced prices on vacations, but it is a reality for many people. If you love traveling, planning out the details of a vacation, and helping others, you could be your own travel agent, or be an agency. It can give you the freedom of a flexible schedule, letting you work virtually from any location. Just keep this phrase in mind, The Riches are in the Niches!


Just think about it. If you book yourself, you’ve paid someone. BUT, you have not gotten the best deal. Even if you want to book yourself, and you don’t think you need a travel agent, YOU DO.  Join our PTA Program membership for booking your own Cruises, Hotels, and amazing Theater, Movie tickets, legal help, RV sales, household appliances, dinner bookings, Electronic, Flowers, Computers, car rentals and so much more… for only $19 a month is already a steal. One 5 night all inclusive resort stay can cost you around $3000 or more. Just imagine, if you were getting 70% – 90% of a $300 commission. You were gonna book it anyway, right? So, join our program and you’ll earn you money back PLUS extra money in your pocket. Want the deals but not the work???? Sure, we’d love to be your agency concierge team.

Our Agents…Our Clients…Our Friends! 

Luxury travelers, budget travelers, adventure seekers, sun-seekers, beach combers, pool huggers, bar hoppers, super shoppers, bucket-listers and avid cruisers….we embrace them all.

With powered by The Cruise Studio LLC, Our clients’ and our staffs’ experience is varied….. We thrive on helping travelers see polar bears in the Arctic, rooftop infinity pools in Cancun, enjoying a total eclipse, zip-line down a St. Thomas hillside, a quiet night on the serenity deck, an expedition grand lakes Viking cruise and other exclusive bucket list destinations. No matter what type of travel you love, or what type of niche travel agency you’ve wanted to start – it starts with a boutique host experience like  Let us be a blessing to your new adventure. We can travel together.